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Annual Ethics Conference

Workplace Wellness;
Leadership's Role in Fostering Change

5 CEUs

December 7, 2022
Live Webinar
9:00AM-4:00PM CT


*Intermediate Level Professional Continuing Education Credit Includes: National Board of Certified Counselors, National Association of Social Workers(TN Chapter), Certified Peer Recovery Services(Tennessee). Digital download awarded upon course completion & Post Test score of 80% or above.

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Overview & Objectives

This annual ethics conference fortifies knowledge on current ethical needs in the workplace with a focus on leadership's role in fostering change. This course will assist with creating a sustainable improvement plan for you or your client's workplace; focusing on suicide prevention, diversity & inclusion, emotional agility, and trauma informed resiliency. You will also discuss topics related to burnout, stress, and compassion fatigue and build productive coping strategies such as expression through creativity and mindfulness. 

Understand mental health impacts on the five emotional competencies for self and others; and understand how to combat cognitive distortions while creating best practices for cultivating a mentally healthy workplace culture.
Effectively identify the warning signs of suicide and build strategies for effective prevention and intervention while creating a sustainable improvement plan for the workplace.
Describe how creativity can boost mental health and personal wellness and create a personalized action plan filled with creative strategies to implement an evolving wellness plan and develop a growth mindset that enhances creativity and overall mental health.
Understand the basics of "Trauma Informed Resiliency" and “Post-Traumatic Growth" and how to begin implementing in the workplace.
Understand and identify implicit bias that often contribute to disparate outcomes and identify means to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Morning Session
Dana Bear
Mental health america

Director of strategy & Partnerships
Dana joined Mental Health America Lakeshore after serving on the Board of Directors for 5 years and as Board President in 2021. She earned her degree in Community Engagement and Education with a minor in psychology, focusing heavily on community-based nonprofits and advocating for change through community-organized initiatives and partnerships.
Dana has a diverse background in market research and analysis, leading interdepartmental teams, diverse industry associations partnerships and promotions, content creation, philanthropic giving campaigns, event planning, and more. She feels strongly that we can accomplish much greater and impactful change when we come together on a common mission with empathy and appreciation of differences.
Sarah Thomas
Mental Health America
of the MidSouth

ZEro Suicide coordinator
Sarah Thomas joined Mental Health America of the MidSouth in March, 2022. She attended Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN;  where she received her Master’s in Social Work (MSW). Sarah is passionate about her work in the Zero Suicide Initiative and values is being part of the movement to reduce the number of Tennesseans dying by suicide. She enjoys working collaboratively with partners to implement the Zero Suicide Initiative and reach as many individuals as possible. The special skill that Sarah brings to her organization is her ability to connect with others forming collaborative partnerships and working towards achieving shared goals.
Janeane Bernstein
Outside the box
Author & Journalist
Janeane Bernstein is a speaker, journalist, author, and educator. She has been with the University of California Irvine’s radio station, KUCI 88.9fm, since 2007, and in 2020 launched OUTSIDE THE BOX, a mental health and wellness series. Her work includes teaching mental health and wellness strategies for students on up, promoting the power of creativity, and creating engaging learning experiences that promote connection, resilience, and positivity. She earned a doctorate from Boston University, with a focus on Educational Media and Technology from the Curriculum & Teaching Department, studied at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the School of Education at Syracuse University.
Afternoon Session
Justin Ross
Director of workplace wellbeing

Dr Justin Ross is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in health, wellness, and human performance psychology. He has spent the bulk of his career aiding in mental health and wellness initiatives for those performing in stressful, high demanding environments, including those in healthcare as well as athletics (he is a vetted provider for both the NFL and NBA). He has served as a clinical psychologist for UCHealth since 2010, formerly in the Center for Integrative Medicine and is currently the Director of Workplace Well-being for the UCHealth system.
Amiee Sadler
Sexual assalt center
accompaniment advocate
Amiee Sadler is an accompaniment advocate and trauma specialist providing medical accompaniment, support, and resources to her clients at the sexual assault center. She works with a multidisciplinary team of individuals representing multiple organizations and interests. She uses a trauma-informed approach and cultural humility to provide client care, supervision, and team and organizational culture and wellness. Amiee is also an experienced presenter and advocate for diversity and inclusion and her expertise lies in unconscious bias, race, intersectionality, inclusive leadership, anti-racism, gender & sexuality, abilities, and other differences.
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About sarah
Sarah joined MHA in February 2022. She attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pa and received her BA in Public Health and Studio Art. Sarah continued her public health education at West Chester University where she completed her Masters in Public Health and a Certification in Healthcare Administration while also working on campus in Sports Information for DII Athletics. Sarah is passionate about disease prevention and supports efforts towards healthy lifestyle changes to fight mental and physical chronic illness. Sarah loves having the opportunity to work with professionals in the health field to bring awareness to mental health as a core component in overall wellbeing.