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Caregiver support program

Behavioral Health & Aging: The Diagnosis

Are you a caregiver of someone recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia? You may be thinking "Now What?" We're here for you and can provide the education and resources you need to take the next step. 

Course Time: 1 Hour
Quiz: 1
Caregiver Support Resources

Course Objectives

Explain the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease 

Strategies to build a caregiver support team and learning how to ask for help. 

Identifying helpful  activities and creating strategies for redirection methods for those with Dementia. 

Lynn Wood

Caregiver Support Program Director
Mental Health America of the MidSouth
Lynn Wood is an active member of Mental Health America and Director of the Caregiver Support Program for the MidSouth Division. Lynn speaks on all aspects of the challenges of aging; shedding light on mental health and mental illness in the aging community. Lynn identified the need for caregiver support and helps provide individuals with the resources and knowledge they need to continue to care for their aging loved ones.