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caregiver support program

Behavioral Health & Aging: Normal vs Not Normal Aging

Identifying the Normal Signs of Aging & Indicators of Possible Mental Illness

Course Time: 1 Hour
Quiz: 1
Caregiver Support Resources

Course Objectives

Identify the physical and mental changes that come with normal aging. 

Define Dementia as a symptom of mental illness and the many underlying illnesses that can cause this symptom. 

Identify the structural changes in the brain that cause Dementia's notable characteristics. 


Caregiver Support Program Coordinator
Mental Health America of the MidSouth
ABOUT lynn
Lynn Wood has spent the last 20 years working with older adults and their families experiencing life after an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis.  She found herself working with families during an emotional time in their lives, trying to make urgent, long-term care decisions for a loved one. This is where Lynn found value in her work and she continued this path working in assisted living memory care settings. The effects of being a caregiver and it’s impact on the family unit as a whole is a passion for Lynn. In October 2018, she joined Mental Health America of the MidSouth as the Caregiver Support Coordinator. She is a certified Dementia Specialist with PAC (Positive Approach to Care) and member of the NCCDP (National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners). Although Lynn loves presenting to the community her number one focus and passion is meeting one on one with families and caring for the caregiver.