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Behavioral Health & Aging: Medical Terminology

This course explains the differences among types of communities for aging adults and options for care and medical assistance in the later years of life.

Course Time : 1 Hour
Quiz : 1
Future CEUs for Professionals Pending*
Caregiver Support & Aging Resources

Course Objectives

Define basic and frequently used medical terminology for aging care options

Explore long-term care and living options for aging communities of various abilities. 

Explain the differences between Palliative Care & Hospice Care

Lynn Wood

Caregiver Support Program Director
Mental Health America of the MidSouth
Lynn Wood is an active member of Mental Health America and Director of the Caregiver Support Program for the MidSouth Division. Lynn speaks on all aspects of the challenges of aging; shedding light on mental health and mental illness in the aging community. Lynn identified the need for caregiver support and helps provide individuals with the resources and knowledge they need to continue to care for their aging loved ones.